Warmly congratulate Xiao Bai Heng children loaded in Changsha Takahashi clothing city

Happy and carefree summer is coming to an end, all primary schools will also enter the school season. Recently, Zhejiang Snow Fanni Garments Co., Ltd.'s children's wear brand - Xiao Baiheng settled in Changsha, Hunan Takahashi big market, with a new image and rich products shine in the local business district. It is understood that Xiao Bai Heng children's wear has a rich product line and refined quality control process, its simple, stylish, atmospheric design style will create a refreshing, lively, bright, sunny and beautiful image of children. Nowadays coincides with the school season, small steps to expand the pace of channels as children's learning has never stopped. Based on the previous market investigation, Xiao Baiheng decided to open stores in Hunan's Takahashi Grand Market to expand its brand influence. Xiao Baiheng children's wear into the style of Europe and South Korea, focusing on the delicate fabric at the same time more emphasis on the unusual style through the creation of product personality, trying to unique design concept for the beauty and health of children's happy experience. According to Xiao Baiheng headquarters development department personnel introduction, especially in the capital city shop, is based on the marketing strategy to consider, by serving children in the Changsha business district, and gradually increase Xiao Baiheng in the central region's market share.

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