What are the jade carving techniques?

In the long history of jade carving, the clever ancients accumulated a lot of carving skills, not only formed several major carving genres, but also formed more common carving techniques. Let's let Xiaobian give you a brief introduction:

1. Embossing: Drawing various shapes on the jade floor, the carving depth is different, the change is multi-faceted, the layers are distinct, and the three-dimensional shape is rich from the front. According to the depth of the sculpture, it can be divided into three types: bas-relief, medium-relief and deep relief.

2. Openwork: Openwork is an engraving technique formed on the basis of relief. Its engraving depth exceeds that of relief, not only limited to the jade floor, but also the bottom plate is hollowed out to form a hollowing effect. Its level is more complicated and its stereoscopic effect is stronger. In particular, it not only looks at the front, but also has a three-dimensional sense from the side and from all directions. Openwork is a complex and difficult process, which requires a high level of engraving and a very time-consuming engraving process.

3. Round carving: It is a three-dimensional carving technique. Its purpose is to make the jade look real from the front, side, top and any angle, similar to the model. The round carving process is widely used in sculptures such as characters.

4, internal carving: This is also a relatively complicated process, the requirements of the level of engraving work is very high, although it appeared earlier, but until the last decade or so this skill is skillful. Its requirement is to engrave two or three or more layers on a piece of jade, which is a unique skill in the jade carving world.

5, thread combination: is a new engraving process, the use of thread and assembly techniques in industrial production to the jade carving, and is well received by the market.

By introducing the above five methods of jade carving, I love the jade carving method, I hope that Xiaobian can help you!

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