What are the jewelry diseases?

After purchasing the beloved jade jewelry, many people can't wait to wear the jewelry, and the beautiful and exquisite jewelry makes the people's temperament superior and fascinating. Experts remind that when wearing jewelry, we must also pay attention to some matters to avoid getting jewelry, and good things will not be beautiful.

Jade jewelry

Generally speaking, jade jewelry is not suitable for long-term wear. For example, when sleeping and exercising, it is best to remove the jade. The jade has a certain hardness, and it is easy to stab yourself or others. Moreover, wearing it for a long time is also likely to cause the jade to be contaminated by human sweat and oil stains. It should also be noted that people with skin allergies must pay attention when wearing jewelry to avoid infection and cause skin allergies. Specifically, jewelry diseases have these:

1. Ring disease: If the wearing ring is too small, the skin of the part will be deformed by extrusion, affecting blood circulation, and may cause muscle necrosis. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust its size in time, and the ring size must be moderate.

2, necklace disease: the muscles of the human body are generally tender, some angular or rough work of the jewelry is easy to stab the skin, causing inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a necklace with a fine shape and a smooth shape.

3, earrings disease: should be a regular unit to do ear hole surgery, when the ear hole is injured, can not wear jewelry.

4, jewelry dermatitis: physical allergies, should choose gold and silver jewelry, should not use jewelry containing chromium and nickel.

5, some jewelry because of improper handling, it will also contain radiation, should pay attention to when buying, generally normal manufacturers of jewelry will not have radiation.

Through the above acceptance, I don’t know what kind of feelings you like after wearing jewelry. Finally, Xiaobian reminds you to wear jewelry and pay more attention to your body!

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