What is the ice flower Hibiscus jade?

Ice flower Hibiscus jade, belongs to Lantian jade. With a unique color of pale pink, it becomes a wonderful flower in the jade. Like Lantianyu, it also belongs to nephrite.


Because the color is a more unique light pink, and the crystal texture is round and delicate, it is a wonderful flower in the gem. Legend has it that the ice flower Hibiscus jade and Yang Guifei still have a bit of incomprehensible origin, and the name is also taken from the nickname "Furong" to commemorate the love between the nobles and the king. Therefore, the ice species Hibiscus jade is a gem representing love.

The original stone of the ice flower Hibiscus jade is grown in the hot spring water outlet. The number of times it receives hot spring water is particularly high, so there are more soluble minerals. Among them, there are 23 kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, manganese and copper. The long-term wear of the human body has the health effects of relaxing the muscles, promoting blood circulation, beauty and beauty, improving memory, rickets and longevity, so the ice flower is hibiscus. Jade is also called "health jade".

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