What kind of bed frame should the spring mattress be equipped with?

After a heavy day's work, nothing is more pleasant than resting in a warm and comfortable bed. Buying a good bed can effectively improve your sleep quality check, not only will you have a dream at night, but also make you refreshed in the morning, it is the key to having a good bed. This article will use the form of question and answer to tell you the secrets of the purchase and maintenance of a good bed.

What kind of bed frame should the spring mattress be equipped with?

1. Is the harder the bed, the better the support?

The results of using bed mattresses in Europe and the United States for more than 100 years show that the harder the bed is, the better the support will be.

The support effect of the mattress is determined by the performance of the spring in the mattress, while the mattress of the mattress is used to increase the comfort of the mattress, so the hardness of the mattress and the ability to provide good support are not necessary. contact.

2 How much does it cost to buy a bed?

The first thing to remind everyone is that the price should not be the first factor to consider when buying a mattress. Having a comfortable, healthy and durable mattress can effectively improve the quality of sleep and make people feel energetic after sleep. This is how much money can't be changed.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to compare the purchase of bed mattresses, only buy expensive, do not buy the right. In general, it is ok to buy a bed with a moderate price and a guaranteed quality.

Let's calculate the account for you: a bed of 150 cm * 190 cm, priced at 880 yuan. If this bed can be used for 10 years, the cost of sleeping on the mattress every day is only about 0.24 yuan. Therefore, it is still very cost-effective to have a good bed.


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