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Lemon, summer, flowers ... only these three words is enough to make everyone think of the summer! Summer is a cup of sweet and sour lemon tea Summer is a colorful and vibrant sunflowers this season, ticking these summer elements applied to the design of Liang clothes, so that the little people for the summer endorsement, activate the most exciting moment of the season it! Sweet princess high-waist pettiskirt princess princess wardrobe is an indispensable single product. Vivid eye-catching flowers and lemon pattern, lace cuffs and shoulders bow design generous chic, so that the small tide in the summer to enjoy the cool summer without forgetting the sweet and dignified princess character Oh! Fresh summer tide take Chiffon material with its light and cool features in the summer blitz. Lemon yellow lace skirt fresh and elegant, with the same texture leggings, people feel yellow and blue unprecedented fresh with Oh! For more dasi da 15 summer new product information, please pay attention to us, you can also click to tick each terminal store to understand oh!

Cold-proof Tree Wrapped Non-woven Fabric

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