Women special period from the selection of favorite underwear to take care of yourself

Put on a set of comfortable underwear , so that your woman enjoy the perfect day care. Especially a few days special woman, if one day, in addition to abdominal discomfort accompanied by the uncomfortable feeling of wearing underwear, presumably this uncomfortable mood even worse. In order to minimize this unnecessary situation that may endanger the physical and mental health, women choose a suitable underwear is particularly important. So, how to choose underwear to be both comfortable and agreeable? Recommended for Iraqi beauty underwear.


Pink gives a sweet and pleasant feeling, put on it for the woman's holiday to add peace of mind and comfort. Exquisite crochet bra and underwear design, to bring the feeling of women's fashion at the same time highlight the taste.

女人特殊时期 从挑选喜欢的内衣着手 照顾好自己

If you do not like pink, you can try a different indigo. This color is not very common, wearing the body at the same time the significant color and low profile. Bra and panties are all wrapped in flowers, as if you are surrounded by flowers all day, feeling bad?

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