Workplace elite must have an indispensable formal watch

Being a career elite means that your social activities start to get more frequent, business negotiations, cocktail parties, and meetings with a variety of clients. After becoming an elite, it does not necessarily mean that the watch you buy must be expensive, but one must pay attention to the connotation of the watch.

Glashütte 39-59-01-02-04

职场精英必备腕上时计 不可或缺的正装表

The watch's case material is made of stainless steel, and the case is made of polished material, which is very beautiful under the light. The design of the bezel is unique, the bezel is smaller than the case, giving the illusion that this watch has two bezels, enhancing the layering of the case. The crown is also made of stainless steel and has a textured design on the crown. This design is the same as most watches, which makes it easy for the watch to adjust the time. The traditional blue steel big three-pin design is another highlight of this watch. The addition of blue steel needle adds a touch of liveliness and fashion to the serious watch. The time scale is based on the Roman numeral hour scale and looks simple and atmospheric.

IWC IW510103

职场精英必备腕上时计 不可或缺的正装表

The stainless steel case is matched with a curved lug, and the smooth and elegant curve attracts the eye. The silver-white dial has a rod-shaped and Roman numerals on the scale as a time-scale. It is also equipped with a hydraulic black minute scale. The long-leaf pointer has a sharp fingertip that directly indicates the precise scale, incorporating a simple and modern style. The functional small dial in the lower left corner of the dial enriches the elements of the dial and enriches the function of the watch.

Chopard LUCXP

职场精英必备腕上时计 不可或缺的正装表

This watch is only 6.8 mm thick and is powered by a 3 mm thick Chopard LUC automatic movement. This movement has an elegant and timeless design for Chopin's own LUC96.17-L movement Chopard LUCXP. The black and slightly glossy dial reveals maximum and richness, and the symmetrical Arabic numerals white gold hour markers blend well with the hands. The watch diameter is 39.5 mm wide, and the Chopard LUCXP is a watch that can handle both formal and less formal occasions in modern small and medium-sized formal watches.

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