Wu Zetian Fuling Palace Palace treasure gold and silver jewelry 500 tons

Fuling is the only tomb that has buried a couple of emperors in China and even in the world. Although it has been swaying for 1300 years in the wind and rain, it is rare that it has not been stolen. What kind of organ darkness has made Fuling survive? Is Wu Zetian the emperor's fulfillment of the "Liangshan for the mausoleum, the woman's main event"? What kind of historical truth is hidden in the huge wordless monument?

Feng Shui, Fuling

Fuling is located on Liangshan Mountain, 6 kilometers north of Ganxian County, Shaanxi Province. It is 76 kilometers away from the ancient city of Xi'an. It was built in 684 AD. After 23 years, the project was basically completed. Liangshan is a naturally formed limestone mountain peak. The three peaks stand tall, the highest peak in the north, with an elevation of 1047.3 meters. The south two peaks are low, and the east and west are opposite. At that time, the masses called it "the teat mountain." Looking west from the east side of Fuling, Liangshan is like a female body lying on the ground, with the North Peak as the head and the South Second Peak as the chest. People often say that it is a wonderful symbol of Empress Wu Zetian. As the only mausoleum in the world that buried a couple of emperors and two generations of emperors, it miraculously escaped a catastrophe, preserved the charm of the millennium, and stood on the top of Liangshan. This made Fuling rendered a layer of mysterious color.

As the owner of Fuling and the only female emperor in China, Wu Zetian’s name seems to be better than his husband Tang Gaozong. It is said that Wu Zetian was out of phase when he was a child. At that time, the famous star of the world, Yuan Tianyi, went to the Wu family for a feast. During the dinner, the warrior asked Yuan to give his family a face. After Yuan Tianyi saw his wife, Yang, he said: "Mrs. Bone Law is very, it will be a child!" After reading Wu's second son Yuan Qing and Yuan Shuang, he said: "The second officer can go to three products, but it is not rich for life!" At this time, the nursing mother came out with Wu Zetian wearing a boy's clothes. Yuan Tianyi looked at it for a while and said: "This Xiaolang Jun looks extraordinary, not easy to know, let him walk and see." So, the nurse put her on the ground. The child took a few steps, and Yuan Tianyi asked her to look up again. She was shocked: "This child has a dragon neck and a neck, and the Fuxi phase will be extremely expensive!" Yuan Tianyi looked at the child from the side for a while, and was surprised and regretted. Said: "It is a pity that Lang Jun, if it is a girl, be the Lord of the world!"

Wu Zetian's life is arrogant, and he will not let his eyebrows, how can he give up the emperor after his death, and be buried with Tang Gaozong? This is both her wise and the choice she has to make. In order to compete for the throne, Wu Zetian used up his powers to make the entire Li Dynasty dynasty cease to exist. Once Wu Zetian set up another mausoleum, the story of Wu Zixun’s revenge on the whip is likely to repeat itself. And if she chooses to bury with Gaozong, she can avoid being humiliated behind her, and can accompany Gaozong, and enjoy the incense sacrifices of future generations.

As for the location of Fuling, it also has a relationship with the Queen. Regarding the location of Fuling, there is such an interesting legend: Tang Gaozong soon became a son, and he sent his own uncle, Sun Wuji, and Tai Shiling, who specializes in the astronomical calendar, to choose the mausoleum. One day, the two looked up to Liangshan, only to see the three peaks of this mountain towering, the main peak straight into the sky. The east is separated from the Jiuyi Mountain by the water, and the lacquer water is connected to the Qijing Mountain and the Qishan Mountain. Wu and lacquered waters hold together in front of the mountain to form a puddle, encircling the dragon in the ground. Liangshan is a rare "Dragon Vein Holy Land" in the world. After Chang Sun Wuji and Li Yufeng selected the mausoleum, they returned to Beijing to report to Gaozong. After Yuan Tianyi heard about it, he strongly opposed it. It turned out that he had chosen the site of Gaozu to go to Liangshan, and he knew the advantages and disadvantages of this mountain feng shui. He said to Gao Zong: "Liangshan is a Fengshui treasure from the outside, but there are many shortcomings in detail: First, although Liangshan is surrounded by water on both sides, it can surround the dragon, but it is separated from the Taizong Dragon's pulse, if the people choose The ancestors here can prosper three generations, but as the mountain ridge site of the emperor, the three generations of the mountain will be in danger. The Great Tang dynasty divides the Yellow River from Kunlun Mountain, enters the Guanzhong, and spreads eastward to Jiuyi with Qishan as the head. Mountain, Jinsu Mountain, Lushan Mountain, Lushan Mountain. Today Taizong has buried Jiuyi Mountain, which is the head of the dragon. His Majesty can not be in the future. The Liangshan Mountain is not the dragon head, but the tail of the Zhou Dynasty Dragon Vein, the exhaust gas will decline, and the Lord will rule the country. The second is that the peak of Liangshan is high, and there are two peaks like milky breasts in front. The whole mountain shape looks like a young woman lying flat. The mausoleum is selected here, and it is afraid of being controlled by women. The third is the main peak of Liangshan, which is a wooden lattice. The South Second Peak is a round profit, belonging to the Ginger. Although the three peaks are tall and straight, but far away, Fangping is a soil phase. Jinnengkemu, the soil can produce gold, the whole mountain-shaped dragon gas helps the gold, under the main peak of the underground palace camp, The Lord will be under the control of the people of Ginger. In the mountains, His Majesty will be hurt by women in the future!" However, Gao Zong resolutely chose to build a building in Liangshan. Yuan Tianyi listened and sighed in the sky: "On behalf of the Tang Dynasty, Biwu Zhaoyi." He feared that he would be implicated in the future. The official did not do it, and went out to travel.

However, the legend is a legend after all. According to the literature, after the death of Emperor Gaozong in the first year of Hongdao, Chen Ziang and others strongly advocated setting up a mausoleum in Luoyang. However, Wu Zetian followed the will of Gaozong’s “to return Chang’an” and chose Jidi in the Guanzhong North Plateau. The life of the Shangshuwei Shangshuwei is for the mountain tomb, and the Ministry of Housing, Langzhong Weitai is a great craftsman, using more than 200,000 soldiers and migrant workers. According to the funeral system of "Because the mountain is the tomb", the main peak of Liangshan is used as the tomb. In the mountainside, a tunnel is built to build a underground palace. "New Tang Book · Chen Zi An Chuan" contains: "The Shanling wears a smuggled servant, the rate of the public, the tens of thousands of troops, the transfer of the near shackles, the supervision of the old, shovel the back of the stone, drive to work. ”

After Wu Zetian died in the first year of Shenlong, Emperor Zhongzong satisfies the will of the mother to return to the mausoleum, and arbitrarily arbitrarily digs up the Fuling Road and opens the tomb gate. He buried Wu Zetian in the second year of Shenlong. Ling Xuan Palace. Since then, Fuling, the only cemetery in the tomb of the ancient Chinese imperial tombs, has stood on the top of Liangshan Mountain, and the dusty wooden doors have never been opened to the world.


The gate of the Fuling Palace is more than 1,300 years. The door is locked in the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty and the secrets of the unknown. For thousands of years, I don’t know how many people dream of it, but they want to understand the mystery. Due to the lack of written records and archaeological materials, people still do not know much about the Fuling Palace. There is no doubt that it is impossible to completely uncover the mystery of the Fuling Palace before scientific excavations. However, we can make some useful explorations based on the clues revealed in the literature and archaeological data.

It is known from the existing literature records that there is a "skull" that communicates with the underground palace outside Fuling, also called "birth." It is what we usually call a tunnel. This tunnel is made up of two parts: the gong and the cave. The junction of the two sections is where the palace gate is. From 1959 to 1960, archaeologists conducted two explorations and excavations on the Fuling Tunnel. In particular, the tunnel was extensively exposed in March 1960. The exposed situation shows that the open-air part of the tunnel in Fuling is 63.10 meters long and 3.9 meters wide; it is located at the east side of the middle waist of the main peak of Liangshan Mountain. It has a slope shape. The internal structure is made up of one to two tons of rectangular stone strips, which are stacked in a total of 39 layers. About 410 stone strips are used on the surface layer. The stone strips and the stone strips are pulled up and down with iron and thin waist and iron bars, and then the iron slurry is poured between the gaps, so that the stones cannot move between the stones. Become one.

Through the tunnel, enter the palace gate. According to the literature, the Shimen of the Tang Taizong Zhaoling has reached fivefold. It is unclear how many Shimen gates in Fuling are, but it is certain that the stone gate of the underground palace must be solid and reliable. Enter the palace gate to reach the tomb. The tomb is the main root of the underground palace, the tomb of the Prince of Jude, and the tomb of the Fuling Palace is at least three rooms in the front, middle and back. From the cosmology of the Tang Dynasty and the excavated princes and emperors of the emperor, the structure of the tomb is the lower part of the upper garden, the top is the dome, and the bottom is the square. As for the size of the tomb, there is currently no specific material to explain. It is conceivable to be much larger than the Princess Yongtai and the Tomb of Prince Jude.

There is something in the palace, which is the most concerned issue. From the literature of "Tang Liu Dian· Datang Yuanling Yi Note", we can get a little information. First of all, there is a "trampoline" in the middle or middle of the underground palace. The "Pagoda" of the emperor is placed on the "trampoline". The bottom of the coffin has moisture-proof materials and treasures. Adding "Seven Star Plates", there are seats on the board, squatting, side clothing and silicon, enamel, wall, amber, scorpion and other "six jade". The emperor wore 12 sets of large-fitting clothes, and the mouth contained Beiyu, lying on his back and facing the cover. The inside of the lid is set with yellow scorpion, and the scorpion is painted with sun, moon, stars and arowana. Secondly, there is a stone bed in the back room or the back, and a dress, a sword, a thousand food and a good thing for the deceased are placed around the stone bed. Third, the front room or the front has a "treasure account" with a seat in the account. In the west of the throne, there are jade-made "treasures", "reissues" and "rabbies". Place some "Jade coins" in the east of the throne. In addition, there are also "White Pei", "Su-Yi" and "Ming" in the underground palace. From the inscription on the "Sheng Ji Ji" written by Wu Zeda, there are many precious books and celebrity calligraphy and paintings in the underground palace. What is most interesting to the world is the top-level national treasure - "Lanting Preface". According to historical records, "Lanting Preface" said in Li Shimin's widow that he wants to rest under his head. That is to say, this baby should be in Zhaoling, not in Fuling. However, the five generations of Yaozhou thorns Wenxi robbed Zhaoling, but in his list of unearthed treasures, there is no "Lanting Preface", then the "Lanting Preface" is hidden in Fuling. In the folk rumors in the Fuling area, there was already a "Lanting Preface" to accompany the burial Wu Zetian.

More experienced cultural workers estimate: conservatively said that the baby in the Fuling Palace has at least 500 tons! According to historical records, when the Tang Gaozong was buried, the value of the funerary objects accounted for one-third of the national fiscal revenue. More than 20 years later, Wu Zetian died, and her son brought a third of the country's gold and silver jewelry to Fuling. In addition, there is a clear record in the history books. When Tang Gaozong was dying, he left his last words and asked to bury all the calligraphy and paintings he had loved during his lifetime. It is concluded that it is not impossible to unearth 500 tons of cultural relics in Fuling Palace.

Wordless monument without words

In front of the Tombs of the Tombs, there are two tall and majestic stone monuments, and the west is the "Spirit of the Holy Scriptures", written by Wu Zetian and written by Tang Zhongzong. Although the inscriptions of more than 8,000 words are mainly the achievements of the songs of Emperor Gaozong, in fact, Wu Zetian took the opportunity to carry them. High yourself. To the east is Wu Zetian's “No Word Tablet”. The monument is carved by a huge stone. The head of the tablet is engraved with 8 entwined daggers, decorated with Tianyun Dragon. According to the characteristics of the symmetrical layout of Fuling buildings, “No Word Tablet” and “Spirit of the Holy Book” were apparently erected by Wu Zetian at the time of Gao Zong’s death. Then, this “No Word Tablet” is naturally Wu Zetian’s predecessor for himself. Prepare the "gongde monument". What is puzzling is that this piece of merit is not empty.

For more than 1,000 years, people have said this, and there are three main arguments. One said that Wu Zetian thinks that he is a high-powered person, not a word that can be expressed. In Wu Zetian's view, although she is a woman, but Gao Zong is mediocre, her talents are definitely superior to Gao Zong, and during her reign, political clarity, social stability, and people live and work in peace, this should be regarded as one of her great achievements. It is a pity that many people at that time thought that she had robbed the Tang Dynasty and was a rebel thief who turned a blind eye to her merits. Therefore, Wu Zetian wants to let his descendants comment and record, so there is no word monument.

Second, Wu Zetian knows that he is guilty of sin, and that the inscription on the inscription may be more insulting, or not written as well. Some people think that after Wu Zetian established the Great Zhou Dynasty, he felt uneasy inside and wanted to return Jiangshan to Li after his death. However, because of this experience of her own emperor, she did not have confidence in her post-mortem circumstances, and she was even more afraid of the world to scold the sins of her position, thus leaving a wordless monument for self-denial.

Three said that Wu Zetian wants future generations to comment on her life. This statement is exactly the opposite of the former. Wu Zetian is still very proud of his life. As a female genius, we can stand out in the political struggle and reach the peak of power. She wants future generations to objectively evaluate her martial arts and martial arts, and her son Li Xian will certainly not make an objective and fair evaluation of himself. In view of this, Wu Zetian wants to hand over the wordless monument to the descendants, that is, to let future generations evaluate the merits and demerits of their own lives.

There is also a possibility that the text has been engraved, but it has been ruined by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. The purpose is to completely eliminate the shame brought by the Wu Zhou regime to the Li Tang regime.

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