The efficacy and function of watermelon tourmaline

What is watermelon tourmaline? Why are you calling this? Is it related to watermelon? From the appearance, it is very close to the color of the watermelon skin, and the internal structure is very similar to watermelon. Everyone knows that watermelon is not only the best summer fruit in summer, but also can treat some small diseases. So, does watermelon tourmaline have such an effect and effect?

The name of watermelon tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline is a very rare type of tourmaline (aka: tourmaline). It is in a spar, the center is pink, the edge is green or the reverse tourmaline is called watermelon calcium carbide. Because the color resembles the pulp and peel of watermelon, it is named watermelon tourmaline.

Watermelon tourmaline has the following effects on the human body:

1, the beauty effect of tourmaline: release 0.06 mA of micro-current, regulate cell bioelectrical activity, supplement and balance human bioelectricity. Metabolizes harmful substances in the skin, improves skin elasticity, promotes blood circulation of the skin, and makes the skin more smooth and soft. With the increase of cell activity, it can improve skin elasticity, remove pigment, ecchymosis, wrinkle, emollient, beauty, whitening, bodybuilding and weight loss.

2, tourmaline respiratory system: release negative oxygen ions, disinfection, activate cells, purify the blood, balance the body's pH. Improve lung function, accelerate the movement of respiratory fiber hair tissue, increase the respiratory coefficient through the comprehensive energy released by tourmaline can detect the health status of various human systems, and is more conducive to the re-engineering of various systems and organs.

3, the tourmaline's nervous system: release 0.06 mA of micro-current, forming an eternal energy field, effectively blocking the electromagnetic waves, water pulse waves and other harmful radiation on the human body has a calming function, can improve the function of the cerebral cortex, improve sleep, enhance Appetite, combined with the principle of sauna fitness, the high-temperature sauna is a low-temperature sauna to ensure the health care function, while making people more comfortable.

4, tourmaline circulation system: release far infrared, dredge meridians, improve the human blood circulation system and microcirculation system, have a lower blood pressure treatment, lower blood sugar, so that the PH value.

5, the immune function of tourmaline: contains Mg, Fe, B, Si, Ca and other mineral elements, can effectively regulate the balance of human nutrients, improve body function and enhance disease resistance. Health functions: high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, rheumatism, phoenix-like dampness, arthritis, numbness of the limbs, hemiplegia, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, gout and various neuralgia, neurasthenia, Gastrointestinal diseases, constipation, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, allergic diseases, pharyngitis, vasculitis, asthma, gynecological diseases and other intractable diseases have good preventive and adjuvant treatment effects.

6, the loss of tourmaline effect: the energy released by tourmaline acts on human cells, can move and stimulate cell vitality, activate cell function, promote human metabolism, eliminate unnecessary fat in the body, remove excess calories, restore slim body. Increased cell viability, enhanced penetration and effective elimination of metabolites, purify the body's body fluids, blood, can improve the body's acid-base balance, thereby improving people's physical fitness.

It turns out that watermelon tourmaline has so many benefits. If you like watermelon tourmaline, you may also want to buy such a jewelry, it can bring you health and beauty!

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