Warm congratulations to Mr. Zhang Henan and Jamilan Dili reached a cooperation

[Jamie Lante / JimiNeid] hi sign new store in Henan! Warm congratulations [Henan - Mr. Zhang] and Jie Milan Lante / JimiNeid children's clothing signed a success, work together! ! Together to create a better tomorrow. Jamie Milanese / JimiNeid children's clothing has been able to attract so many affiliates in a short period of time, because Jamie Milanese / JimiNeid has a complete, complete and advantageous joining policy. Jamilanthi / JimiNeid children's wear has a professional team to provide you with the most scientific operational philosophy and return on investment analysis, inventory, supervision, operation, decoration, sales, training, all can provide the best service for the franchisee. Ladies and gentlemen in the excellent platform for cooperation, has a mature, scientific management ideas, and Jamilandi / JimiNeid children's wear brand work together to achieve the desired win-win results. Let us look forward to October 1 Henan Zhumadian New Mart department store opened, with the best quality children's clothing brand. Welcome to the founder of the Milan Emperor / JimiNeid business / store inspection!

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