Aoyu has become the new favorite of the jewelry industry

I heard that in Haimen Double Love Gold Jewelry, there is an Australian jade counter. The emerald jade in the counter is inlaid with various ornaments in white gold. It is very beautiful and gives a noble beauty. Yesterday, the author came to the double love gold jewelry line, the salesperson enthusiastically introduced that we set up the Australian jade counter in April this year, which is the first in Nantong.

She said that Australian jade is a kind of green chalcedony produced in Australia and Brazil. It is quite rare and attractive in color. It is one of the most valuable quartz ore and it is easy to be confused with jadeite. In the jewelry world, gold and diamonds have always been the most sought after. In recent years, with the rise of colored gemstones, the traditional concept of jewelry has been broken. People choose more colorful gemstones, especially jade. In a few years, the price has risen all the way. Since the establishment of counters in Aoyu, since the color of Aoyu is bright and pure, it has gradually been loved by consumers, and more and more people are buying. In addition, the high-cost Aoyu bare stone cost price of large particles continues to rise, and the pricing method is also changed to Carat calculation, almost equal to the diamond.

According to reports, the Australian jade is so loved by consumers, the price rises in a straight line for three main reasons: First, the Australian jade industry is less. The world's Australian jade minerals are concentrated in Australia and Brazil, and the production of Australian jade in these two countries is also very low. The high quality Australian jade is rare, so it is even less in China, and the price increase is also reasonable. Among them. Second, the processing of the Australian jade is difficult. Therefore, the impeccable large-scale Australian jade is very rare, and the innocent Australian jade is very precious, and the potential for appreciation in the future is also great. Third, market demand is strong. Ice-cold, bright green Australian jade, because of the small amount of goods, the market price has risen rapidly, coupled with the current jewelry trading and collection market for the pursuit of jade, the price of Australian jade will rise with the day.

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