Chairman of the Burmese Chamber of Commerce, Peng Jue: Four Major Factors in Emerging Jade

Peng Jue graduated from the Faculty of Law of Yangon University in Myanmar, the president of Ruili Myanmar Chamber of Commerce, and the deputy chairman of Ruili Baoyu Stone Association. In 1990, he took advantage of 80,000 MK (at that time, the exchange rate: ***/Kyrgyz currency = 1/11) to enter the Ruili Jewelry Street in Yunnan and set off selling.

After 20 years of turmoil, he has become the owner of three jadeite stone shops, has close links with the vast majority of Burmese outlets, and has become the "head" of all Burmese businessmen of Ruili.

“A lot of people have asked me how many years my jade can still be mined? I told them that they can still mine for many years. The gifts God has given us are inexhaustible. Even though the price of jadeite will not fall, because there is too much. Too many reasons for it to rise, in fact, this is very good, everyone can make money.” Peng Jue used a Chinese with Burmese accent and language order, for everyone to comment on the various factors of jade rose, and jade rose the biggest beneficiaries The original stone merchant.

The Myanmar government is mainly responsible for the fact that no one is aware of Peng Ju, the president of the Ruili Emerald community. He walked through Jewellery Street and saw the signboard of "Peng Jue's original jade stone shop" and his big picture. The owner of the emerald jade smiled and said: "In the Yunnan government, the two political and business circles of the Jade Forest are not aware of Pengjue or PENG Jue, and he is the head of the Burmese here. He also wrote a letter to the leaders at the central level. Stones are full of species and color. They are all high-grade materials."

PENG Jue's stone is a non-public trading stone, both provided by friends and family members in the jadeite area and the Myanmar joint-stock company. Although he did not leave the mine, he was very familiar with the situation there. “The current extraction of jadeite stone is probably 1/4 of the reserve. Although the Myanmar government has not conducted strict prospecting and exploration, the mining rights have always been under the control of the Myanmar government. They have also begun to control the output of rough stone and the speed of listing, as long as the listed trading The 10% tax on the original stone is the same even in the mining area. As long as the government sees the transaction, it is definitely necessary to pay taxes."

The jadeite mining rights system was formed during the British colonial period. Each stadium was a “gang”, and each “post” lease period was three years. After Burma’s independence, the original system was continued. As of 2007, the Myanmar government has divided 319 mining areas and accelerated the rate of jade mining to earn more income. However, with the rapid development of the jadeite market in the past two years, the Myanmar government realized that increasing the exploitation volume may affect the future development. Therefore, it began to control the exploitation amount and the customs control the export of high-end jadeite.

According to Peng Jue, “The Myanmar government has now discovered some new jade mining areas, but basically let them sleep in the deep mountains and old forests in order to prepare them for future generations.” This is a method commonly used by non-renewable gemstone source controllers. With the increase in the difficulty of diamond mining and the reduction of primary minerals, De Beers began to reduce the amount of exploitation, and the price of squeezed diamonds rose in order to extend the diamond mining time and obtain high profits.

The businessman hopes to rise. "Haha, in fact every jade merchant sells rough stone or sells end products, and hopes that the price of jadeite will rise. It will increase everyone's money. Therefore, some people say that Emerald is about to dig out. Everyone will The desperate spread of this news prompted the jadeite to rise.” The dark-skinned Burmese president gestured at the merchant’s policies and laughed heartily. “You Chinese are very rich. People buy, Taiwanese buy, Hong Kong people buy, now the mainland people to buy. Jadeite prices, we only know that it is precious, it can cherish it."

To raise the price of any kind of item requires both a solid financial strength and a smart mind and a gimmick that can make people feel urgency and even fear. “Threatening” communication propaganda is a common method used by Chinese businessmen. Something that is valuable has to be exhausted, and no one else can buy it. This way, people who are interested in it and those who are not interested in it will collect it. In particular, the personality of the Chinese people loves jade, loves to make fun, loves to follow people, and the population base is huge. Some of the upstart's personal wealth has risen geometrically. Therefore, it is not strange that any kind of slightly valuable product is raised in China. thing.

Although the annual jade production is about 15,000 tons, the high-end jade is probably only 1%, which is several tens of tons per year, which is not much more than that of diamonds. With the increase in the number of "fans" sought after, I am afraid that a few people contend for a high-end jadeite product and turn into dozens of people to fight for it. The low-end jade may start as a follow-up, but this state will not last long, it will not rise too much, and then it will not drop too much.

"Wild geese plucking" in Myanmar

The political situation in Myanmar has been unstable. There are both a central level of jurisdiction and local warlords. It is normal for businessmen to go “pull over” every single area. "Jade to walk from the mining area to China, you need to have 4-7 gates. It's a little bit of a point to make. It's a little bit more... It's a little bit to add up." Peng Jue said while he drew a dummy on the table. In the road map, every time a “gateway” is used, we must virtually pinch our fingers, indicating that there is a need to leave “road money”.

At the time of Ruili, the author and his party had heard that when doing business in Myanmar, they would ask the government or the principal of the local military government to “golf”, that is, by playing golf with the principal, they would “buy money”.” Lose in. Moreover, Myanmar's principals do not read the past, and each time they do a business, they need a "golf match" to pass through.

If an inexperienced emerald businessman along the way, he “lost” into the “road to buy wealth”, it is difficult to calculate. If experienced traders can reduce the number of "junctions," the money will undoubtedly increase the rough price of non-public transactions. However, even if the price of non-public trading roughs is much lower than the price of public trading.

High tariffs and multiple customs clearance Whether it is interviewed in Guangdong or interviewed in Yunnan, many jade merchants report that high tariffs are also one of the reasons for the rise in jade prices. During the planned economy period, Jadeite had paid 120% of the tax, and then gradually decreased; then there was a period of time because the tax boosted the price of jade, and many jade merchants reduced the price of jade by the original stone declaration. However, with the increase in the understanding of jadeite, it is almost impossible to declare with the raw stone as a “trimming ball”. At present, the various tax revenues for the original jade stone are cumulatively 33.6%. Therefore, the tax also contributed to the price of jade.

Peng Cheng, a businessman in Myanmar, believes that the Ruili government has done a lot of good things for Myanmar businessmen and made great contributions to the development of jade. But there are two points. He still has some doubts. On the one hand is the taxation. Such a high taxation has limited the development of the Ruili jewelry industry. If you want Ruili to become the "Oriental Jewelry City," you need more favorable policies; on the other hand, In Ruili City, it is necessary to report two customs clearances. One is that Sisters Customs belong to the national customs, and the other is that Ruili Customs belongs to the Customs of Yunnan Province, and if it is brought out of Yunnan, customs clearance is also required. He suggested that the government should reduce the level of customs declaration. There is no need to cross the border in one province and shut it down to the right. Decreasing the customs declaration is beneficial to the development of the jadeite industry. It will also concentrate its advantages and avoid dispersing the jadeite resources, which will lead to weaker forces and no scale effect.

"Ruili wants to make Oriental Jewelry City because you can see all the jewels here. So there must be a good policy for all jewellery traders to come here to buy and sell. Clenching out their fists will have strength." There are not many Chinese people like Peng Jiao who are highly educated and have market economy awareness.

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