TRENDIANO once again lifted the fashion interpretation of urban men's character charm

Love low-key fashion checkered dress. Perhaps, only the plaid can be the perfect interpretation of the "low key" and "fashion" contradictory body. As the famous French designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac said: "I like the feeling of blending two colors - because it is the embodiment of revolutionary spirit and rebellious consciousness." This winter, TRENDIANO once again lifted fashion, in a simple way Interpretation of the urban men's character charm. Plaid design has always been a symbol of dignity. From the earliest British colonial era to the United States in the 1960s, the punk group from the 1970s to the rock and plaid worships in the 90s were pushed one after another. This winter, TRENDIANO deconstruction plaid elements, tailored specifically for Asian young men taste "grid" tune. In the design, in addition to the process and material, as always, pay attention to, pay more attention to the overall tone of dress control and fine details of the modification. Black and gray seems to be the eternal theme of men, calm with color embodies the texture and meaning of clothing. At the same time, TRENDIANO bold use of a variety of bright colors, including military green, orange and red to match, so that this winter men's more rigorous in a jump, with the breath of nature. Two-piece combination coat still retains a long inner and outer short design concept, and details such as badges design, highlighting the angular edges and corners of men tough lines, this match just right interpretation of the men's British style. Christmas is approaching, TRENDIANO course, will not miss the elements of the festival. Not only red and green-based all kinds of grid blend, there are seemingly random antlers embellishment, all this will undoubtedly make us more for the Christmas party look forward to. Plaid is a sign of youth culture, this winter, let us together in the TRENDIANO men's style to find belong to the young men's exclusive low-key fashion. (TRENDIAN official website: Sina @ TRENDIANO official microblogging)

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