Warm congratulations on the Trojan children's wear "Changsha peace Hall" grand opening

Congratulations on the small Trojan children's wear "Changsha peace Hall" grand opening! Small Trojan children's clothing Zhihua Garment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to introduce the Chinese market. Zhihua garment has more than 20 years of children's wear design and development, production and sales experience, the 21st century using the most advanced garment technology in children's clothing design, development, manufacture and sale. Factories located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, covers an area of ​​17,000 square meters, more than 1,000 employees dedicated to serving Zhi-Hua Garments, the annual production capacity of 3.2 million. For a long time, Zhihua Garments has sincerely regarded the management of integrity as the cornerstone of its business development. "Everyone strives for excellence, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction" is the quality policy of Zhihua Garments for a long time. Through witty innovation, technological innovation, product updates, and the full implementation of the ISO9001 quality system certification, with strong strength, high grade quality, first-class reputation in the service to customers. Small Trojan children's clothing "Changsha Peace Hall" grand opening With Zhihua clothing in the field of children's clothing resources and the advantages of well-known international brand combination of "little Trojan" children's clothing focused on personalized design concept, a comprehensive product quality assurance system, And the unique culture of marketing and distribution system, as the core of the soul. Small Trojan children's wear will be "caring for the healthy growth of children" as its core philosophy to environmental protection, comfort and performance as the basic premise, first-class design team and superb professional craftsmanship carefully to create high-end children's clothing, but through internal resources A series of measures to ensure the public price. Therefore, the brand of children's clothing brand positioning is: the concept of the brand, the public price, care for the healthy growth of every child. Small Trojan children's wear "Changsha Peace Hall" grand opening In order to meet the different ages, different seasons of wear needs, small Trojan children's clothing each year in spring and summer, autumn and winter, quarterly launch of more than 200 new models for customers to choose. And the production of underwear, hats, scarves, headdresses, backpacks, shoes and other products for matching. Small Trojan children's clothing, "Changsha Peace Hall" grand opening in the design of children's clothing, the first consideration is the small Trojan children wear comfortable, lively style. However, the biggest difference with other brands is that the Trojan children's clothing for the promotion of children's spirit of courage and integrity born, so comfortable and lovely premise, the design of the Trojan children's clothing will be interpreted as bright, publicity, positive, courageous, etc. element.

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