Knowledge about black jade

How much do you know about the jade knowledge of the development of black jade?

In the past, black jade or jadeite with a color near black was often considered to be unlucky or evil color, and our country generally praised green jade. Therefore, black jade has never been asked. However, 10 years ago, the jadeite materials were particularly scarce, and the Chinese people's ideological and cultural culture has undergone certain changes. Some of the jade carving masters' understanding of jade has risen to a new height, and they have begun to try to use black or black jade as the creative theme. . The original creative themes include Zhong Rong, Fo Gong, Guan Yin, and Yan.

At the beginning, the jade market only took a wait-and-see attitude toward this phenomenon, but as everyone had a deep understanding of black, for example, black can ward off evil, black or black-like jade jewelry gradually occupied the jade market. Important share.



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