Smith Baroness broken wrist: return to the store to do the brand does not do electricity business

According to the sound of economic "World Company" reported that Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion Co., Ltd. announced today: plan to stop e-commerce platform state network business. Smith Barney costumes said in a bulletin: E-commerce as a new retail model, in the logistics and distribution, marketing resources and information systems need a very large investment. Pre-financial risk is not controllable. Although the Company started to try to set up its own e-commerce platform from the end of 2009, it has not been able to make any large-scale investment in e-commerce platforms, logistics facilities, fixed assets and other aspects required by the business and the e-commerce business failed Effective development. Therefore, the company plans to stop e-commerce business operations. Shanghai Metersbonwe Dress Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is a listed company, production and sales of local casual wear. Target consumers are young people between the ages of 16 and 25. According to the Smith Barney costumes before the disclosure, Bangbu net on-line time for December 18, 2010. At that time, Smith Barney said that in 2011 it will step up construction of e-commerce platforms and market expansion and build its state-owned Internet shopping and experiential platform. In just nine months, the listed company will be e-commerce business under the care of the parent company. For the planned operation of the e-commerce business to stop, the United States help apparel said that the previous investment in e-commerce business mainly for staff salaries, technology development, logistics and advertising and advertising costs, totaling about 6,000 million, has been included in the company's profit and loss report in. The cessation of operations in this area does not involve the disposition of assets nor does it introduce additional corporate expenses. Prior to e-commerce platform Bangbu network domain name is registered in the holding company Hua Fu investment name, after which it will be retained for use, and authorized Chinese clothing investment subsidiary wholly owned Shanghai Ai Sang Bangguo Information Technology Co., Ltd. Internet e-commerce platform distribution company brand products. It is worth pondering is that Smith Barney Zhou Chengjian said: "The traditional store sales model is still the main target of the company." This remark stands in sharp contrast with nine months ago and seems to be a slight contradiction with the future trend of the industry. Domestic venture capital research firm Zero2IPO has just released a research report that e-commerce has become one of the most growth channels for apparel product sales. In the second quarter of 2011, the online retail trade of the Chinese apparel (000902) category was approximately 46.9 billion yuan, an increase of 17% qoq. It is estimated that in 2011, the online retail market of Chinese apparel products will reach 170 billion yuan, an increase of more than 50%. E-commerce channels will be one of the most growth channels for apparel sales. The following link voice of economic commentator Zhang Chunwei special, on this interpretation. Smith Barney cut off the wrist: the brand does not do electricity business Moderator: Smith Barney costumes e-commerce platform is just on the line 9 months the company plans to stop this business, how do you look at the company so quickly made such a decision? Zhang Chunwei: If you are someone else, everyone may think of what went wrong. But I think for Zhou Chengjian he has always been taken light asset model, and now he chose light network. I think maybe some people would say this is Metersbonwe did not look the practice, but I think it might be a warrior broken wrist. What is the core goal of Metersbonwe this year? Create a new national product. This is the Metersbonwe brand from the previous young made the whole brand, he emphasized the concept of his new country. For him, it is more direct to shape the brand than to act as a small business. Even in a sense, going to the next big board in the traditional field is more direct than the big one in the field of e-commerce. I think from the perspective of pragmatism, this exploration in the field of e-commerce is only a trial and error by Metersbonwe. Since his current trial and error made him feel impractical, the contraction he took was a more straightforward way for an enterprise to face reality. Second, Metersbonwe is actually the most comprehensive enterprise using IT technology. After he tried it, he realized very clearly that for the moment, the e-commerce business needs to burn more than to bring about direct liquidation. At the same time, it should be noted that it is already a multibrand operation for Metersbonwe. As for the e-commerce brand to give him plus points plus how much, and to his overall promotion in the end how much words. From the current listed company's report, Metersbonwe is still doing more important part that self-employed channels. Self-owned channels to his profit is far more than his franchisee results. This time why he would then put his fingers outstretched again, and then go to the field of e-commerce. So I think he is more such a choice back to his traditional areas, and is back to his focus this year is to make the brand, rather than do electricity providers. The e-commerce channel is too small for him. Moderator: But we also see that the current scale of clothing online retail transactions now increased by 17% chain, and is expected to increase in the future will be more than 50%, there are more and more companies to put some of their products online Come and go, to open up a shop in this area. Zhang Chunwei: At this point, Metersbonwe now emphasizes the concept of new domestic products. Everyone on the Internet can not reach out to new domestic products, and there are very few opportunities even to touch domestic products. So in a sense, the Internet is also where sales will soon be done, but it is not a good place to start a brand and the incubation period is too long. Moderator: May feel that cultivation period is too long, the current decision made with him inconsistent, it is a broken wrist decision. Zhang Chunwei: So I think you can say he did not look, but I think too much for the field of electricity supplier trial and error. 8 years Taobao trial how many mistakes, but also a little Taobao is a platform, you have to concentrate with all their resources to create a channel, investment is too much. So I think it would be better to recover the money if it were to conduct a more powerful exploration in this way because we saw that this year both the Vanke and the others have reduced their original size. why? It is our vision that is far from the more immediate impact of our reality. As good as hit the physical store to host: Then you think the current situation is not so ideal for businesses, especially the traditional apparel business problem? Or e-commerce issues? Zhang Chunwei: At present, such as you from the Jingdong point of view, the most expensive place to spend the logistics is Jingdong. For Zhou Chengjian, who has always emphasized light assets, this kind of logistics investment is not good for him to quench his thirst, unlike his marketing methods. And we also see Suning into the area of ​​e-commerce is also hit the logistics. Rather than melt more capital to hit the logistics, not as good as the current store to do. Moderator: But we also see that he is not completely completely stop this block completely, he and Ao Bang state also signed an agreement, that is to say that has not completely discarded the electricity supplier this one? Zhang Chunwei: He spun off him from the listed company, but the financial statements are much more attractive. He left this piece in the industrial layout, but it was not a good time. For example, Suning invested e-commerce this year as a big piece of business, so that his former e-commerce business and his retail business would be easier to integrate, so that his development focus and future direction would be equivalent to rebuilding Suning. But why did not Metersbonwe shout to remake a US specialist in the field of e-commerce? That is because the cake is too small now. Control the risk of low-cost operating strategy Moderator: Chaoyang and our guests today to discuss together Chaoyang, and now the e-commerce is really burning money so bad? Wang Chaoyang: E-commerce is really very burn, Sina market, the first to build a web portal, of course, with the current e-commerce, he started the funding is indeed very large. He wants to build a technology platform to open a hole, let people in the community know that you have such a source, sticking everyone here, and indeed really burn. Generally do e-commerce, for example, to do a buy network or other sites, often start their own funds. Once seized the opportunity to gain a reputation later, to quickly sell themselves to venture capitalists, attracted venture capital, as soon as possible to expand the chassis, such as buy network is like this. But now buy Network also encountered such a problem, like Taobao is a pioneer, but also done for eight years now. Ma Yun He wants to invest 10 billion to 20 billion, he wants to do logistics throughout the country. Now because of the e-commerce card stuck in the bottleneck in the logistics, making all-powerful effort to do e-commerce on the one hand, and now you do not know where to go Benkoukou, go to Taobao, or to Jingdong, or to Dangdang Can buy clothes, sell books also sell clothes, sell electrical appliances also sell clothes, and sell clothes to sell clothes. In this case, you still have to pay extra for it, so I said that Smith Barney realized the problem, the ideal is fullness, and the reality is very skinny. Now he is changing very fast. He said at the end of last year that he decided to change the tailor from the traditional tailor to the tailor of the Internet. Now he finds that the tailor of the Internet is not good and he is shrinking fast enough. Because he is not particularly large investment into about 60 million, he also expects sales of electricity through the site this year, about 200 million sales, but compared with his full-year 76 million component is very small. At the same time, he certainly foresees the need for continuous investment in the previous period. For the relatively new field of electronic commerce, the entire immediate response system, information flow, logistics, warehousing and capital flow should all be invested. In the current economic downturn, we are still relatively cautious. While the monetary base is still shrinking, you let him use his own money to burn. I think his current attitude towards cleanliness makes sense. I also noticed that when he was interviewed by the media, he said his first consideration now was to control the risk. He uses a virtual asset management light assets, such as Nike learning such a way. His pursuit of such added value at this rate is a low-burden pursuit. His success is a low burden. He does not want to make a profit. He just runs the brand and keeps adjusting. Under such circumstances, a brand was finally established. Since he started his own business by starting from a low burden, he is now more wise to see the black hole go down. Moderator: Metersbonwe things to other people who want to enter this area to bring some what kind of reference? What do you think people should do if they want to enter this field? Wang Chaoyang: This is not a bowl of rice delicious, you eat not eat the problem, the simplest to say that if this business is your own, especially like his private enterprise is to do their own things you can do, this piece of meat is very Delicious, but your constitution is not for you, you can not eat this piece of fat, then you eat what you can eat, a little steady forward, in this economic environment, I think this is very good A way.

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